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After all These Miles!

Jonathan Estabrooks makes a long-awaited Debut!


Ottawa-born baritone Jonathan Estabrooks currently isn’t a household name. His decision to create an album that showcases his talents as well as ambition may soon change that fact. The list of Jonathan’s credentials is as long as the road it took him to get to this point in his career, where he can record a debut album with all the tools a seasoned veteran possesses.

Estabrooks has been singing in operas and acting in musical theater his entire life. Notable benchmarks include a bachelor’s degree of music from the University of Toronto, a master’s of music from the Julliard School, countless symphonies across the continent, and performing in front of Bill Clinton. Impressive accomplishments indeed, but none as impressive as his debut album, These Miles.


These Miles sets out to encompass all of Estabrooks’ musical styles and influences, and they are plentiful. He has spent years in the world of musical theatre and classical music, yet is comfortable with pop, country and other genres. These elements are all blended together perfectly by Grammy-winning producer Dave Reitzas with the help of the Macedonia Radio Orchestra. Fellow classical crossover artists Jennifer Thomas and Jonathan Antoine guest on the record. Add Estabrooks’ perfect timing and delivery and you have something worthy of the finest Sunday morning listen on your headphones.

The vocals leave you longing for nothing, and considering the songs tackled here that is a large compliment. He makes pop classics such as “Time After Time” and“Always On My Mind” his own, and standards like “She” and Simon and Garfunkel’s “Kathy’s Song” are covered with ease.

These Miles was made available last week with launch parties in Toronto, and Jonathan will be appearing at the Roy Thomson Hall on May 20th and May 21st.

Check out his music:

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Author: Jason Scharff

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